Home decor tips for DIY interiors on a budget

We are driven towards making independent design choices and incorporating our distinctive personal tastes into making our homes a reflection of our preferences and in addition to being cost-effective, DIY home interior design encourages sustainability by reusing and recycling pre-existing decor items. You can always shake things up and do a crafty home makeover on a budget, regardless of whether you have a minimalist or opulent design taste.

Designing home interiors is a personal and creative process that channels one’s artistic juices and defines what a home should be. Looking for budget-friendly DIY interiors? We got you sorted with some tips by bringing some home decor experts on board.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sanjay Kumar Prasad, VP – Design and Engineering at Wakefit.co, suggested, “You need to start by clearing out the clutter and moving items around where they can change or enhance the existing look. Rearrange your sofas, beds, and bookshelves to make the most of your furniture. The aesthetic appeal of your home will also be improved by adding works of art. By painting your walls with light, airy colours and placing mirrors in niches, you can give your home a revamp. You can always spark a flame of creativity with a little help from decor websites and Pinterest and make your own eclectic space.”

Aiyappa Alemada, Executive VP and Business Head of Purva Streaks at Interiors Division of Puravankara Limited, highlighted, “Convertible or multi-use rooms have become the latest trend. Rapidly changing interior design aesthetics enable individuals to use new and creative ways to decorate their living spaces. Multi-usage furniture makes designing homes on a budget more convenient and feasible while letting individuals explore different ways to utilise and re-purpose them.”

He advised, “Blending the needs with different colours and textures, versatility in application and utilising minimalistic components in home decor and furniture not only helps create the illusion of more space but also makes your interiors more airy and appealing. Designs that do away with clutter through the combination of furniture, finishes and decor help create comfortable and cosy spaces for all.”

Talking about a few things to always keep in mind when investing in home and interiors, Nikhitha Geo, MD, Mashi Interiors Pvt Ltd, recommended, “Customisability – we are all likely to get bored of a project or item when we see it often, so while undertaking a DIY project or picking home decor, always make sure it can be purposed into something else. Always choose neutral base. When setting up your space, make sure you have all your décor such as furniture and fittings in neutral shades. This way we can introduce colours through loose decor, which can be swapped around according to the current trends.”

She cautioned, “Don’t tease your walls – Don’t opt for small pieces of art or mirrors on large, bare walls. That big empty space will swallow them whole. Either go big, or go another route. Don’t let everything match – Interior catalogues are designed to sell furniture, not to show you how you should be living. Nobody lives that way, so don’t try so hard to match that look.”

According to Nikhitha Geo, your home reflects you, so go bold and let your style reflect you. She assserted, “Use different pieces and accents that catch the eye and add interest to your space. Do make the most of your lighting. You should know that when it comes to interior design ideas for small houses, lighting will always be mentioned. In fact, lighting should always be planned into your budget – never as an afterthought. A well-chosen light fitting can transform the look and feel of a room considerably. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality with a statement piece.”

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