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Bear and Breakfast: How To Increase A Room's Prestige Level

The better your establishment is in Bear and Breakfast, the more money you’ll rack in from guests. To get a better resort, you must increase individual resorts’ Prestige Level. This can be seen by going to the front reception desk at any one of your resorts and selecting the current one.

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Off the bat, the reception desk will let you know your Decoration Level and Prestige Level. Your Decoration Level is what increases Prestige in increments, and there are multiple ways to raise Decoration. Your main goal when trying to reach high Prestige in your resorts is decorating your facilities from top to bottom, and ensuring the highest quality for furniture that is interactable.


Increase Decoration Level

By interacting with the front desk, you’ll get a general overview of the resort’s levels, quest reviews and requests. You’re able to see individual room overviews, as well. To do this, you have to interact with the nearby crafting table associated with the resort.

When in crafting mode, simply click one of the rooms — whether it be a bathroom or bedroom — to get an overview of the current guest staying there. The overview will let you know of the individual Decoration Level of that room, as well as any added benefit tags like Hygiene or Pampered. This will help you keep track of which rooms are lacking, and can be upgraded to ensure guest happiness and higher Prestige.

In the Score tab of a room’s overview, you can see which specific individual items in the room are attributing to the Decoration Levels.

Buy Decor From Took

Took’s Garbage store provides decoration items for purchase. Took is a raccoon NPC you’ll meet early on in the game. There is a Took’s Garbage nearby every resort location that is active. You use Valuables to purchase decorations from this store. Valuables are pieces of garbage found on the ground, and look like a variety of different things — from a clearly half-eaten apple to a random dot on the ground. You’ll notice it’s a Valuable when the interact button pops up.

You can collect a lot of Valuables when you clean out a new resort area or attraction. The consistent way to collect Valuables in Bear and Breakfast is by revisiting places that your guests frequent. This could be outside the resort, inside their bedrooms, at bus stops, or around attractions such as the Diner in A24. Every day and every couple of hours, humans will drop Valuables around these areas for you to collect.

You can see how many Decoration points each item will give by hovering over them before purchase. Higher-priced items such as the Cuckoo Clock will give ten times more Decoration points than a broken, level one Mirror.

As you progress in main quests and acquire more resorts, Took’s Garbage store will expand to include the next level of furniture. This is how you get higher-tier decoration items.

Progress Through Quests To Unlock Recipes

Recipes are a sure way to increase guest appeal and Prestige Levels. You start off with things like a level one Bed. As you upgrade your resorts and find new ones, the Shark will unlock new, higher-tier recipes. By interacting with the crafting table and clicking the crafting icon, you can individually see what perks each recipe will give you, including Decoration level.

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