All The Ways To Style A Blanket Ladder

Imagine this: You prop your brand new blanket ladder against the wall, deck it out with favorite throws, and it just doesn’t look right. If something feels off with the design, consider adding other decorative elements around the ladder to help create a sense of balance amongst the decor. Whether technically symmetrical or asymmetrical, the whole point is to make sure that the visual weight of the objects in the room is pleasing together. Use your perception to create a collection of items around the blanket ladder that create a harmonious vibe in the space, using the ladder as a focal point.

When decorating with a single blanket ladder, opt for asymmetrical balance in your design. Rather than decorate the space with more items that are identical to it in height or appearance, like another ladder, consider pairing the ladder rack with a wall clock, tapestry, framed art collection, or faux tree instead. “Don’t purchase everything according to one particular theme. No-one wants to live in a show home.” interior designer Ashley Pratt told Homes to Love. Balance the space with elements that introduce a variety of textures, colors, and shapes. Pratt also said to take your time when decorating, and that, “You can always tell when a room has been rushed; often everything is purchased from just one or two shops, and it feels ‘staged.’ To achieve balance, a room should be built over the course of months or years.”

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