5 Tips to convert your traditional home decor set-up into a millennial heaven

Do you want to update your old-fashioned interiors into a sober and simple millennial paradise that appears equally chic? If yes, let us tell you that millennials adore minimalism. Clean lines, comfortable fabrics, uncluttered, monochromatic, laidback, and easy-going are the most loved flair of millennial décor. Here we bring you 5 tips to bring in elements of no-fuss to keep your abode colourful, bright, and comfortable, thus, turning it into millennial-inspired décor styles.

Embrace big lighting fixtures

If you want to live in a home that is truly inspired by millennial trends, then significant lighting is a must! Introducing big fancy lights, electric candles, and lamps over the table or cabinets not only set the tone and mood of your abode but also brightens up lacklustre corners of your home, seems like the cleverest way to brighten the décor in a more contemporary way. Tall pendant lights and different kinds of floor lamps augment a lax radiance and instil an element of friendliness within a space.

Incorporate nature-friendly accents

Since the millennial generation is all about nature and the environment, they pick up items that are handmade or eco-friendly. This is a great way to bring nature to your abode and affix an edge of a positive and soothing element to it. Hand-weaved chairs that are fabricated out of sustainable materials, recycled furniture or multipurpose furniture that does not take away all the space is something you should consider to makeover your space in a millennial way.

Incorporate nature-friendly accents

Add a drama with paints or wallpapers

There is nothing that can play up your décor more than the walls! Decking up the walls rightly with bold colours not only renovates the entire look of your abode but also adds an exclusive flair to it. A sapphire blue tone is just perfect for taking the edge of grace up a notch elegantly. Either you can go with the colours or printed wallpapers for a regal trace. 

Golden splashes

The golden taints depict elegant, trendy and sophisticated vibes. Moreover, the colour effortlessly blends with any tone, sprucing up your dwelling like a pro. Give some space to elements like golden intricate jaalis, wall artefacts or table elements that have some golden tinges and accompany it well with the jewel-toned couches or dark furniture. Make sure to not overdo the space with gold or any other dark tone to elude the tackiness.

Golden splashes

Modish mirrors displays

Affixing mirrors on multiple walls works as a lavishing accent to dapper up your living room neatly. If you have a small space, it makes your space look expansive while reflecting additional light into it. Moreover, it affixes elegance while crafting an astounding visual. You can go with small geometric pieces or you can also go with big mirror frames or floor-length ones to pull together an area that looks soothing and sophisticated.

Make sure that you take a proper look at your space before filling it with any kind of elements. Always embrace minimalism and invest in natural and earthy possessions for a clean millennial décor. 

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