5 Tips For Organizing Your Bathroom Vanity

This is the fun part when you can look for pretty containers and dishes to organize and elevate the space. For example, you can get some glass jars with pretty lids to store the Q-tips and cotton balls, while small decorative dishes can be used as a catch-all for daily jewelry.

One tip is to avoid getting a ton of décor and containers for your countertop, as it can have the opposite effect and make the cabinet look cluttered. Pick two or three functional items that match your décor style. If you want to add a touch of color, greenery is ideal, so get some indoor plants that will thrive in a humid environment and hang them so they don’t take up any space.

According to Well + Good, a functioning cabinet that is customized to fit your needs can be so good for your mental health that using it might even become your favorite part of the day. We hope these tips help elevate your bathroom vanity to a next-level space of convenience, peace, and functionality.

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