5 Simple Ways To Bring Modern Spanish Style Into Your Home Decor

The Spanish style has roots in colonial-era design, and one way to tie in the old world to your modern version is by incorporating antique pieces into your décor. You can add a taste of another time by finding vintage tables, chests, chairs, stools, or even small accents like frames and dotting them throughout your home. Find items that display natural elements like wood or iron, and aim for warm colors rather than showy hues. According to Love To Know, keeping accessories simple and minimalistic is one of the best ways to represent a true Spanish-inspired home.

If you find larger pieces when shopping for antiques or vintage, like vases, pots, or large benches, you can use them as entryway décor. If you plan to incorporate more ornaments or smaller pieces, place them sparingly in order to keep every room open and focused on the furniture and structure itself. Spanish homes focus more on the abode itself and less on clutter, so try to avoid covering every available surface and aim for larger statement pieces.

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