4 Simple Tips For Decorating With Dark Colors

The function of the room is important to consider when you’re perfecting your palette. For example, more bold and energizing tones typically work well in living and dining spaces, while they may feel a little too formal in a bedroom. Essentially, you need to make sure that the dark tones you’ve chosen give off the energy you want the room to exude — whether that’s sexy and luxurious or cozy and comforting.

And as for the size of the room, it’s a total interior design myth that dark tones don’t work in small spaces. In fact, according to Livingetc, dark walls can offer a sophisticated energy that still feels cozy in a small living room and, in turn, makes it seem bigger. While in larger rooms that feel a little barren and soulless, bold and opulent dark tones give off an appropriate air of grandeur.

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