10 Cute Dorm Decor Items for Undergrads Heading Off to College

With summer coming to a close, Houston undergrads are packing up and exchanging childhood bedrooms for college dorm rooms. And while we’ve already covered what you need for your dorm, the shopping spree doesn’t stop there. For the next nine months, your dorm will be your home, so it’s worth the effort to make it your own. 

If you’re moving into a dorm this summer, you’ll probably want some wall art, like an eye-catching tapestry, to liven up your space, and maybe a diffuser to fill the room with fresh, cozy scents that remind you of mom. No matter where you’re headed this fall, we’ve gathered the dorm decor essentials that will transform your run-of-the-mill room into a space that is uniquely yours.


The easiest solution to the problem presented by your dorm room’s austere walls is art. Start with this framed wall canvas of Kendra Dandy’s art, sold at Target, which will add some vibrance and personality to your new living situation.

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What’s better than dorm decor? Dorm decor you can personalize, of course! Target’s letterboard is called a “room essential” for a reason: the easy-to-read letters and colorful background will let everyone who steps foot in your dorm know what you’re all about.

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Avoid tracking the mud and dirt of the outside world inside your sanctuary with this World Market doormat. Made from natural fiber, the coconut-husk material will clean all of the outdoor grime from shoes while welcoming your friends in.

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Whether you’re staying in the Lone Star State or leaving for college, you’ll want this reminder of where you came from with you. These perfectly Southern Impeccable Pig coasters will prevent stains on your dorm furniture, all while evoking home.

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In college, sometimes your sleep schedule doesn’t always cooperate with the sun’s rise and fall, which is where these UGG window curtains come in handy. No matter when you need to catch some Z’s, the room-darkening solid panel will blanket your dorm in darkness, creating the perfect environment for some shut-eye.

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Not all dorm decor needs to be flashy—sometimes, minimalism is the way to go, as with this Haus and Hues wall art. This monochromatic mountain design has the calming vibes to elevate your dorm decor without overwhelming you with color.

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For lightweight wall decor, Society6’s Leopard Vase wall tapestry is the way to go. Not only will it add some much-needed charm to your otherwise plain dorm walls, but it can also double as the perfect outdoor blanket for a hangout on the quad.

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As far as the flooring department goes, college housing is usually lacking. Cover up the itchy carpet or stained floor panels with this gorgeous Zellie rug from Urban Outfitters, which will add color and comfort to your dorm.

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Candles are pretty much universally banned from dorm rooms across the country, so replace your favorites with a Maison Louis home diffuser from Beehive. With warm notes of sandalwood, cinnamon, and nutmeg, it will make your dorm feel cozy without accidentally setting off the smoke alarm.

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If there’s one thing that’s lacking in college dorm rooms, it’s a sense of glamour. Fill that gap with this acrylic wall star from Dormify. Not only will it add a touch of elegance to your walls, but it also doubles as a mirror, so you can use it to check your makeup before you head out for the day.

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